Writing is a very serious craft. I have learned the hard way that lyrics change lives and people are profoundly affected sometimes by a song. I guess we all have at one time or another in our lives. That is why I always attempt to write about real things. Snippets of my own life and stories I’ve heard in my travels. Sometimes a writer is the only one in society who can speak the truth without serious reprisal. In those cases it’s your duty as a lyricist to do so. Be the people’s voice, be your own, let people into your heart, and they will let you into theirs.

The Messenger – J.P. Cormier Sings (2008)

The Messenger / The Stranger… live at Stanfest 2007! / Light the Fire Again / Leavin’ Charlottetown / Love Has Called Your Name / The Eyes of the Widow / The Angel’s Lullabye / Brothers in Darkness / The Ghosts of Canso / Hall of Dreams / Progress Avenue / Great Harbour Deep / The Minstrel / Afghanistan

Looking Back – Volume 2: The Songs (2005)

The House Carpenter / Blackbird / Far Away / Now That the Work is Done / The Fisherman’s Daughter / Angeline / There Grass Won’t Grow / Another Morning / Gone / Way Down Yonder / Northwind / Kelly’s Mountain / The Teazer; Liverpool Requiem / Little Wawa TC Connors / Molly May

Now That the Work Is Done (2001)

Now That the Work is Done / Northwind / When January Comes / Touch Me if You Dare / How Will I Be Saved? / The Teazer / Angeline / Penny Hearts / The Fisherman’s Daughter / Ancient and Forever / Far Away / Cattle / The Rey

Another Morning (1997)

Another Morning / Kelly’s Mountain / Highland Dream / Gone / The Island / The Fiddle Set (Bouree in E Minor; Joel Chiasson’s Reel; Fern Maillet’s Reel; Prelude in A Major; Down the Broom) / You Saw Me / Hell Freezin’ Over / Blackbird / Molly May / My Life Is Over…Again / The Mathematician; Sleepy Maggie / Long For the Sea / Gilgarry’s Glen