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The Messenger – J.P. Cormier Sings (2008)

The Messenger / The Stranger… live at Stanfest 2007! / Light the Fire Again / Leavin’ Charlottetown / Love Has Called Your Name / The Eyes of the Widow / The Angel’s Lullabye / Brothers in Darkness / The Ghosts of Canso / Hall of Dreams / Progress Avenue / Great Harbour Deep / The Minstrel / Afghanistan

The Messenger
Great Harbour Deep

Noel – A J.P. Cormier Christmas (2008)

I Saw Three Ships / Green Pastures / Joseph & Mary / Saints & Sinners / Carol of the Bells / In the Bleak Midwinter / The Little Drummer Boy / This Time / Christmas Time’s A Comin’ / Oh, Holy Night

I Saw Three Ships
Carol Of The Bells

Take Five – A Banjo Collection (2006)

Train 45 / We Can Work it Out / Banjomusk / Ole Miss / Invention / Little Sadie / Randy Lynn Rag / Twin Sisters / The Tenor Set # 1 / Midnight Flyer / Les Barricades Mysterieuse / The Flying Dutchman / Angeline the Baker / Nashville Blues / Shady Grove / Tenor Set #2 / Monique’s Hornpipe / Leavin’ Heavy on my Mind / Graveyard Shift

Train 45
We Can Work It Out

The Long River: A Personal Tribute to Gordon Lightfoot (2005)

Long River / The Circle Is Small / Song for a Winter’s Night / The Watchman’s Gone / Ode to Big Blue / I’ll Be Alright / Bitter Green / Cherokee Bend / Dream Street Rose / Talking In Your Sleep / Approaching Lavender / Home From The Forest / Early Morning Rain / Sixteen Miles / For Lovin’ Me / Circle of Steel / Steel Rail Blues / The Canadian Railroad Trilogy / The Poet

The Long River.mp3
Song For a Winter's Night

Looking Back – Volume 1: The Instrumentals (2005)

Lochwood / The William Wallace Set / Martin’s Set / Doc Tribute #1 / Return to the Cape / Clog From Hell / Paps Goes The Weasel / Hiawatha / Cape Breton Set #2 / Christie Married A Frenchman / The Haggis Set / The French Connection / Jerry Sullivan’s Set / Blue Angel / J.P.’s Solo

Martin's Set

Looking Back – Volume 2: The Songs (2005)

The House Carpenter / Blackbird / Far Away / Now That the Work is Done / The Fisherman’s Daughter / Angeline / There Grass Won’t Grow / Another Morning / Gone / Way Down Yonder / Northwind / Kelly’s Mountain / The Teazer; Liverpool Requiem / Little Wawa TC Connors / Molly May

The Molly May

X8… a mandolin collection (2004)

Cherokee Shuffle / The Jig Set / Rutland’s Reel / Turkey de Maison, a la Straw / The Frozen Dish Set (Angus’ Reel; The Frozen Dish) / New Brick Road / Lochwood / The Pointe au Pic Set (Reeds Hornpipe; The Pointe au Pic Reel) / Evening Prayer Blues / The Whiskey Set (Whiskey Before Breakfast; The Arkansas Traveler; Ragtime Annie) / Old Dangerfield / Clog From Hell (Gelas Larade’s Clog; Fair Play) / The French Connection (The Noranda Mine Worker’s Reel; The High Level Hornpipe; The Lost Indian) / Big Moon / Gone Long Gone / Wheel Hoss

The Jig Set
Rutland's Reel

Primary Color (2002)

Doc Tribute #1 / Blue Angel / Haslem’s Castle (MacPhee’s Lament; Haslem’s Hornpipe; Cattle in the Cane) / Hawaiian Slack Key / Lonesome Twelve / The Mathematician; Sleepy Bach / The Clan / Doc Tribute #2 (The Red-Haired Boy; Salt Creek; Billy Cheatam) / Cape Breton Guitar Set (The Chorus Jig; The “Q” Jig) / Limerock / Cape Breton Set #2 (Clan Munroe Strathspey; Frank Sutherland’s; The Lass’s Fashion; Carl MacKenzie’s Reel) / Jerry’s Breakdown / Irish Guitar Medley / The Rolo Boy’s Reel / Dixie Breakdown / Whispers of the North

Blue Angel
Doc Tribute 2

Velvet Arm Golden Hand (2002)

The Tea Garden (Temperance Jig; Walker St. Reel) / Sir William Wallace (Mrs. Grand of Lagan; The Reconciliation; Last Night’s Fun) / Live Session… (The Chorus Jig; The Sailor’s Wife) / Hiawatha (Thom’s E-Flat Clog; The Banks; The Rat Reel) / Capers (Tom MacKormack’s; Malcolm Burke’s; Go To The Devil and Shake Yourself) / Live Session… (Mrs Beatty Wallace; The Red Shoes; Wedding Reel; MacDonald’s Reel) / Joe’s Solo (Corgarff Castle; An Angus Strathspey; Col. MacBain; Johnny Made a Wedding of It; Gin I Had A Bonnie Lass) / Killicranchie (Albert Finlay’s Reel; Miss Mary MacEachern’s Reel) / Bonnie Isabelle Robertson (John Howett; Rachel Rae; The Earl of Seafield) / Live Session… (A Set of Wedding Reels) / The College Set (Master of Francis Sitwell; Kin of Wiltshire; Lady Walpole; Memories of R Beaton; The College) / J.P.’s Solo (Miss Hutton; The Braes of Tullymet; A Howie Tune; Miss Louisa Duff; The Reel for Maurice; Little Donald in the Pigpen; The Grey Old Lady of Raasay) / The Nameless Lassie / The Marquis of Tullybardine

The Tea Garden : Temperance Jig : Walker St. Reel
Sir William Wallace : Mrs. Grant Of Lagan : The Reconciliation : Last Night’s Fun

Now That the Work Is Done (2001)

Now That the Work is Done / Northwind / When January Comes / Touch Me if You Dare / How Will I Be Saved? / The Teazer / Angeline / Penny Hearts / The Fisherman’s Daughter / Ancient and Forever / Far Away / Cattle / The Rey

When January Comes
Touch Me If You Dare

Heart & Soul (1999)

Alan’s Set (Chandler’s Hornpipe; Alex R. Findlay; Mrs. Dundas of Arnisdon) / Martin’s Set (The Whistler from Rosslea; Connor Dunn’s; The Good Natured Man) / Kenny Baker Lives! (Twinkle, Twinkle; Calgary Polka) / Christie Married a Frenchman (Christie Campbell; The Hangman’s Reel) / Fleetwood MacInnis (Cry of the Eagle; Never Going Back Again) / Aren’t We Feeling “Jiggy” Today… (Angus Chisholm’s; Little Judique Jig; Betty Anne’s Jig; Max MacDonald’s Jig) / Paps Goes the Weasel (The Paps of Glencoe; Reel forr> Melodie and Derrick; Ciaran O’Hare’s; Duntroon) / Rawhide / Me & Gelas (Cameron Chisholm’s Reel; Jerry Holland’s Reel) / Scotty Meets Rene (Spring Bank House; Stirling Castle; Lord Lyndoch; Deveaux’s Requirement; Doreen’s Reel; The Fifty-Fifty Reel) / My Bach Is Worse Than My Bite (Prelude in A Minor; The Earl of Hyndford; Everybody’s Hornpipe) / Tulloch Gorum a.k.a. Broken Fingers (Tulloch Gorum; Sheldon MacNeill’s Reel; The Mason’s Apron) / May I Have This Dance? (The Crystal Waltz; The Candlelight Waltz; The Blue Mountain Waltz; The Rosebud of Avonmore) / Here’s to You, Scotty! (The Marchioness of Huntley; The Honourable Mrs. Maules; Lady Glenorchy) / The B Minor Set (Allie Bennett’s Strathspey; The Ten Minute Reel; Richard Burke’s Reel) / Dinkie Dorrian’s; Moneymusk

Alan's Set
Christie Married A Frenchman

Another Morning (1997)

Another Morning / Kelly’s Mountain / Highland Dream / Gone / The Island / The Fiddle Set (Bouree in E Minor; Joel Chiasson’s Reel; Fern Maillet’s Reel; Prelude in A Major; Down the Broom) / You Saw Me / Hell Freezin’ Over / Blackbird / Molly May / My Life Is Over…Again / The Mathematician; Sleepy Maggie / Long For the Sea / Gilgarry’s Glen

Another Morning
Kelly's Mountain

Return to the Cape (1995)

The Haggis; Caber Feidth / Cowie’s Clog; Winston Tune / Jerry Sullivan’s Strathspey; Tammy Sullivan’s Reel / Flannigan’s Favourite; Ole French Reel; Kelly’s Reel / Slow Air; Moving Cloud / Horseshoe Reel; Winter Carnival Reel; Pigeon On the Gate / Hilda-Chiasson-Cormier Reel; Temperance Reel / Shetland Hornpipe; The E Flat Tune / Holland Wedding Reel; Stool of Repentance; Sleepy Maggie / Niel Gow’s Lament for Dr. Moray of Abernathy; Niel Gow’s March; Slieveman’s Clog / Highland Dream / Reel Made with Hilda; Miss Watson’s; Return To The Cape

The Haggis Set
Hilda Chiasson's Reel

Albums currently unavailable.

• Out Of The Blue (Out Of Print)
• The Gift (Out Of Print)
• Lord Of The Dance (Out Of Print)
• When January Comes (Out Of Print)
• The Fiddle Album (1991) CBC UG 1003