The mandolin and I have had a rather interesting relationship over the last 20 years. It has probably gotten me into more places than any other instrument that I play. Looking at it a different way, I suppose it’s gotten me more into trouble, too!

X8… a mandolin collection (2004)

Cherokee Shuffle / The Jig Set / Rutland’s Reel / Turkey de Maison, a la Straw / The Frozen Dish Set (Angus’ Reel; The Frozen Dish) / New Brick Road / Lochwood / The Pointe au Pic Set (Reeds Hornpipe; The Pointe au Pic Reel) / Evening Prayer Blues / The Whiskey Set (Whiskey Before Breakfast; The Arkansas Traveler; Ragtime Annie) / Old Dangerfield / Clog From Hell (Gelas Larade’s Clog; Fair Play) / The French Connection (The Noranda Mine Worker’s Reel; The High Level Hornpipe; The Lost Indian) / Big Moon / Gone Long Gone / Wheel Hoss