I have never understood the logical mechanics of music, instead I see music in colours and shapes and the feelings they inspire. The first colour I remember seeing and feeling was the sound a six-string guitar made.

I have been many things in my long career as a musician. Besides being a sideman and a songwriter I am an instrumentalist that believes there is no greater joy given or received than that which is contained inside a great batch of plain ol’ picking! If there is one instrument on which I express who I am, and who I’ve been, it would definitely be the guitar.

I have had a guitar in my hand almost every day for nearly 38 years and it has taken me places that I never would have seen without it by my side. It has been a friend, a confidant, a meal ticket and sometimes a curse; but through it all we’ve always come out on the other side of every trial together. That’s more than I can say for some people I’ve known.

Primary Color (2002)

Doc Tribute #1 / Blue Angel / Haslem’s Castle (MacPhee’s Lament; Haslem’s Hornpipe; Cattle in the Cane) / Hawaiian Slack Key / Lonesome Twelve / The Mathematician; Sleepy Bach / The Clan / Doc Tribute #2 (The Red-Haired Boy; Salt Creek; Billy Cheatam) / Cape Breton Guitar Set (The Chorus Jig; The “Q” Jig) / Limerock / Cape Breton Set #2 (Clan Munroe Strathspey; Frank Sutherland’s; The Lass’s Fashion; Carl MacKenzie’s Reel) / Jerry’s Breakdown / Irish Guitar Medley / The Rolo Boy’s Reel / Dixie Breakdown / Whispers of the North