The banjo has long been a very fascinating beast to me. I think the first banjo player I ever heard was Sonny Osborne. I had a great Osborne Brothers album when I was about 6 years old that I played constantly. It never really occurred to me while listening to those staccato tones that it would be a difficult or different thing from playing the guitar. By that age I had already displayed my prodigious abilities on the flat-top and I suppose I was so young that I couldn’t see what was so different about this instrument except that the sound of it made me want to hoot and holler and dance. Again, this is prior to me seeing anyone’s standard reaction to the instrument. I think the banjo just makes you naturally happy. It is such a joy to hear that rolling, thundering sound; like a set of church bells going off right beside your head. It seems to jolt you right into some other realm where everything is about joy and rebelliousness and how great it is to be around others of like mind.

Take Five – A Banjo Collection (2006)

Train 45 / We Can Work it Out / Banjomusk / Ole Miss / Invention / Little Sadie / Randy Lynn Rag / Twin Sisters / The Tenor Set # 1 / Midnight Flyer / Les Barricades Mysterieuse / The Flying Dutchman / Angeline the Baker / Nashville Blues / Shady Grove / Tenor Set #2 / Monique’s Hornpipe / Leavin’ Heavy on my Mind / Graveyard Shift