I started as an instrumentalist. It was my first love and the first thing I was able to express myself with. The great Chet Atkins was the first guitar player I heard who could do things that boggled my mind. It spurred my imagination and built the foundation for all the learning and experimentation I’ve done throughout my career. I was also heavily influenced by fiddlers like Winston Fitzgerald, Don Messer, Graham Townsend, Howie MacDonald, Jerry Holland, and Jean Carrignan. I voraciously consumed instrumental music for most of my career, even when singing and songwriting was making more money for me than anything else. I made my living in Nashville as a “utility man”, an expert for hire in the field of multi-instrumental prowess. In short, all of the stringed instruments and beyond that I have worked with over the years have helped create who I am as an artist and creator.

Looking Back – Volume 1: The Instrumentals (2005)

Lochwood / The William Wallace Set / Martin’s Set / Doc Tribute #1 / Return to the Cape / Clog From Hell / Paps Goes The Weasel / Hiawatha / Cape Breton Set #2 / Christie Married A Frenchman / The Haggis Set / The French Connection / Jerry Sullivan’s Set / Blue Angel / J.P.’s Solo