My father was a fiddler. The first music I ever heard was Winston Fitzgerld coming through the speakers of our turntable. I didn’t get a fiddle in my hands until I was 13, but it’s been there ever since. There have been many times during my career when people thought that’s all I did!! It is the most difficult to master, yet the most emotionally expressive instrument that I know.

Velvet Arm Golden Hand (2002)

The Tea Garden / Sir William Wallace / Live Session… The Chorus Jig; The Sailor’s Wife / Hiawatha / Capers / Live Session… Mrs Beatty Wallace; The Red Shoes; Wedding Reel; MacDonald’s Reel / Joe’s Solo / Killicranchie / Bonnie Isabelle Robertson / Live Session… A Set of Wedding Reels / The College Set / J.P.’s Solo / The Nameless Lassie / The Marquis of Tullybardine

Heart & Soul (1999)

Alan’s Set / Martin’s Set / Kenny Baker Lives! / Christie Married a Frenchman / Fleetwood MacInnis / Aren’t We Feeling “Jiggy” Today… / Paps Goes the Weasel / Rawhide / Me & Gelas / Scotty Meets Rene / My Bach Is Worse Than My Bite / Tulloch Gorum (a.k.a. Broken Fingers) / May I Have This Dance? / Here’s to You, Scotty! / The B Minor Set / Dinkie Dorrian’s; Moneymusk

Return to the Cape (1995)

The Haggis; Caber Feidth / Cowie’s Clog; Winston Tune / Jerry Sullivan’s Strathspey; Tammy Sullivan’s Reel / Flannigan’s Favourite; Ole French Reel; Kelly’s Reel / Slow Air; Moving Cloud / Horseshoe Reel; Winter Carnival Reel; Pigeon On the Gate / Hilda-Chiasson-Cormier Reel; Temperance Reel / Shetland Hornpipe; The E Flat Tune / Holland Wedding Reel; Stool of Repentance; Sleepy Maggie / Niel Gow’s Lament for Dr. Moray of Abernathy; Niel Gow’s March; Slieveman’s Clog / Highland Dream / Reel Made with Hilda; Miss Watson’s; Return To The Cape