The Messenger – J.P. Cormier Sings (2008)
Noel – A J.P. Cormier Christmas (2008)
Take Five – A Banjo Collection (2006)
The Long River: A Personal Tribute to Gordon Lightfoot (2005)
Primary Color: The Owner’s Manual (2005)
Looking Back – Volume 1: The Instrumentals (2005)
Looking Back – Volume 2: The Songs (2005)
X8… a mandolin collection (2004)
Primary Color (2002)
Velvet Arm Golden Hand (2002)
Now That the Work Is Done (2001)
Heart & Soul (1999)
Another Morning (1997)
Return to the Cape (1995)

Albums That Are No Longer Available
Out Of The Blue (Out Of Print)
The Gift (Out Of Print)
Lord Of The Dance (Out Of Print)
When January Comes (Out Of Print)
The Fiddle Album (1991) CBC UG 1003