Hometown Battlefield

A Song by JP Cormier

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20% of all income generated from iTunes sales of this song will be donated to Paws Fur Thought, which is a charity that supplies a service dog companion to people suffering from PTSD.

For more information on Paws Fur Thought, you can visit their website here: http://www.pawsfurthought1.com/

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  • He got home from service as the spring began its turn
    12 long months away
    He folded up his uniform with the medals tucked inside
    Started living for today
    But the present could not find him, nor could his wife and kids
    He was there but he was gone
    Soon his only comfort was a bottle and his gun
    Something right that went so wrong
  • and silence keeps on coming as the movie plays again
    you can smell that yellow dust and death hanging on the wind
    and we thought the war was over, but the headlines do reveal
    That another soldier died today on the hometown battlefield
  • He sits outside the courthouse with his pant legs tucked away
    No one knows his name
    One wrong step there in the sand put him where he is today
    One more just the same
    All his memories live there in the space below his knees
    Back when he was whole
    But that IED didn't just relieve him of his legs
    It blew apart his soul
  • And if you're wearing loafers you ain't walked the burning sands
    And you ain't never had to shoot another living man
    It don't matter if we won
    It don't matter if we lost
    They were following their orders
    No matter the cost
  • So I remember what they've given when I see my flag unfurled
    Free against the sky
    And the way we seem to lose them when they get back to the world
    Can someone tell me why
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